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Pacifeeder vs Podee - Compare Hands Free Baby Bottles

Pacifeeder vs. Podee hands free baby bottle




Pacifeeder Bottle

Podee Bottle

Priming Nipple

Pacifeeder - Built-in primer:

Squeeze the nipple as per the instructions and liquid fills into the nipple. This allows baby to feed immediately without sucking up air first.

Podee - Priming can only be done with a cross cut nipple

If a nipple with a hole is used, baby needs to suck up liquid on their own like a straw by first swallowing air until they bring liquid into the nipple. Liquid will not stay in nipple and gaps of air will continue to be created in tubing. This actually causes air ingestion unless cross cut nipple is used.

Liquid Flow

Pacifeeder - Smart Flow System:

Prevents backflow, leaking, siphoning, and ingestion of air. Nipple will stay full until bottle is empty.

Podee - None

Product may backflow, leak, siphon, and allows more ingestion of air. Each time baby stops sucking, liquid goes back into bottle, causing baby to suck up air each time. May be reduced if cross cut nipple is used.

Cleaning System

Pacifeeder - Built-in Flushing System:

Tubing connects to standard faucets to clean out tubing and parts. 7.5" cleaning brush included.

Podee - None

Relies solely on a wire brush to clean tubing.

Bottle Attachment

Pacifeeder - Hourglass Shaped Bottle and Smart-Grip Velcro® Strap:

Bottle shape prevents it from falling through the strap. The two-way adjustable Smart-Grip strap can attach to almost any size vertical or horizontal object (with up to 12" circumference).

Podee - None:

No way to attach bottle and prevent bottle from being dropped and/or thrown. Optional bottle holder can be purchased and can only be attached to vertical objects.


Pacifeeder - Specially Designed Nipple:

Pacifeeder's proprietary nipple design combines a traditional nipple style with a lightweight pacifier. This high quality nipple will outlast most nipples on the market! Nipple won't leak.

Podee - Standard Bottle Nipples:

Nipple adapter allows for any conventional nipple to be used.

Tubing Connections

Pacifeeder - Barbed Tubing Connectors:

Special "barbed" connections prevent tubing from disconnecting and ensures a tight fit.

Podee - Mild Barbs

Very mild barbed connections. Tubing can easily disconnect.

Tubing Protection

Pacifeeder - FlexGuard™:

We use a special flexible housing around the feeding tube to prevent baby from touching tubing and disconnecting. If they grab it and pull, it slides and prevents tubing from being pulled off. FlexGuard also prevents tubing from kinking.

Podee - None

Baby can grab exposed tubing and pull system apart. Disconnecting causes liquid to spill. Tubing can kink and stop liquid flow.

Suction Prevention

Pacifeeder - V-Cut™ Draw Tubing:

Our tubing at the base of the bottle has a patented design to prevent suction with the bottle. Liquid will always flow into the tubing. Excessive sucking by baby can cause ear infections.

Podee - None

Tubing has a flat cut which can create a suction at the bottom of the bottle which prevents liquid from being drawin into tube.

Pacifeeder vs. Podee hands free baby bottle