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What does BPA Free Baby Bottle Mean?

What does "BPA Free" Baby Bottle Mean?

BPA, (Bisphenol-A) is an industrial chemical used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins- both of which are used to make plastics across many applications. One of which is the well known polycarbonate baby bottle. You can easily spot BPA baby bottles. They are very hard and extremely clear. BPA free means no bisphenol-a. There has been a great debate on its safety in human health and countless studies continue to prove its safety. 

If it's so safe, why are there BPA-FREE bottles now and no polycarbonate?
The media. A few skewed studies from Israel showed some potential leeching of this chemical which in huge human consumption "could" alter endocrine systems. However, the authority on this subject ( provides scientific publications to the contrary. Before you decide to go BPA free, you will need to know that some BPA free plastics are now considered dangerous. 

The 4 myths about BPA bottles.  They may be safer than BPA-Free

Think all BPA-free is safe? Think again. 
News on "not so safe BPA-free" bottle materials (CNN article on UCLA Study)