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Pacifeeder® Hands-Free Baby Bottle BPA Free

Pacifeeder® Hands-Free Baby Bottle BPA Free



Pacifeeder® hands-free baby bottle promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding positions to help reduce ear infections. Our 2-way rotating strap helps Pacifeeder attach to any car seat, stroller, baby carrier, etc. Our SmartFlow™ system adjusts flow based on baby's needs and prevents nipple from leaking (no need for various flow nipples). Only Pacifeeder's nipple stays full of liquid until the bottle is empty to reduce ingestion of air (reducing colic). And of course, we protect our liquid flow tube with our patented FlexGuard™ to prevent baby form disconnecting the system. And last but not least, using any standard nipple you can quickly convert Pacifeeder to a regular baby bottle.

The all new BPA-Free Pacifeeder. What's new about it?

A. The bottle & all parts are BPA, PVC & lead free. 
B: New colors! Orange, green and white with white Velcro straps. 
C: Inner tubes are PCV free, medical grade materials from Ireland. This custom made tubing was designed by us to exclusively deal with the problem of inferior tubing which hardens and becomes stretched over time. Our proprietary tubing provides a secure, tight fit and will preform like new every time. 
D: Our nipple is now softer, clear and PVC free.
E: Our FlexGuard has been made more flexible allowing for better positioning.
F: Still made in USA
G: All these great changes and we didn't raise the price!

Unique Features unlike any bottle:
  • Baby gets less air than ANY baby bottle
    Built-in primer fills nipple with liquid so baby does not ingest air first.
  • Reduces air ingestion by keeping nipple full until bottle is empty
  • Nipple won't leak!
  • Liquid flow adjusts to baby's needs. No need for slow, medium, or fast flow nipples!
  • Liquid does NOT go through large tubing shown in picture. It passes through another tube inside the flexible tubing called FlexGuard.
  • Our Patented FlexGuard™ acts like an accordion if baby tries to pull on the tubing, preventing their little hands from disconnecting the tubing inside. Other designs are exposed!!! Baby can pull the tubing off and what a mess it will be.
  • 2-way rotating SmartGrip™ strap connects to just about anything without bottle coming loose!
  • Built-in cleaning system connects to standard faucets
  • Our unique nipple "snaps" into place and will last 3 times longer than traditional nipples

Tubing Protection: FlexGuard™ covers the inner liquid tube and acts like an accordion when little hands try to pull on the tubing. This prevents the system from being disconnected! Other designs leave their tubing exposed!  
The nipple and tubing stay full of liquid to prevent air ingestion! Simply squeeze the nipple (as per the instructions) and nipple will fill with liquid. Liquid can only go up and won't go back down into the bottle. Once the nipple is full, it stays full until the bottle is empty.
Nipple won't leak with Pacifeeder's unique Smart Flow System which also prevents syphoning! When baby stops drinking or drops the nipple (letting it hang down), it will not drip all over your car, car seat, stroller, etc. Other designs have no flow control to prevent this.

Stays in place with our patented two-way adjustable Smart-Grip Strap. Pacifeeder straps to almost anything! One part of the strap securely attaches to the bottle. The secondary strap is riveted by stainless steel (won't rust) to allow the two straps to rotate. This allows the strap to connect to anything AND lets the bottle move and rotate as baby moves. Competitors lack this feature and your baby may drop the bottle or throw it.

The built-in flushing system makes cleaning easy! Fits any standard faucet to flush out tubing and SmartFlow System (our flow control adapter that connects to the nipple). You can use this to clean all liquid tubes. We include a cleaning brush, but you probably won't need it.

The Smart Flow System adjusts the liquid flow automatically, based on how hard the baby sucks. Our built-in one way valve opens very slightly when baby's sucking is low. However, the system will open much more when sucking pressure increases.
Q: My baby doesn't take pacifiers. Will this work?
Pacifeeder's nipple is a standard feeding nipple with a wide base to comply with CFR
(Consumer Federal Regulations) safety standards. It only resembles a pacifier.

Q: Is it BPA-free?
A: Yes. It is made of PP (polypropylene)

Q: I've seen a similar bottle called Podee. What's the difference?
Click here to compare the Pacifeeder to the Podee Bottle.
Q: How do I get liquid into the nipple?
The Pacifeeder has a built-in primer. The included instructions show you how to squeeze the nipple until it becomes full. This way baby does not have to suck up any air!
Q: Can you send me a brochure?
The Pacifeeder web site is our on-line brochure. This site has detailed information and photographs about the Pacifeeder.

Q: Can I buy parts separately if I lose a part or it gets destroyed?
Yes. You can order replacement parts by calling 888-373-2229. You can purchase additional nipples and tubes when ordering on our site.

Q: For what age group is the Pacifeeder used?
Ages 3 months to 24 months. However, children up to 3-1/2 years old can use the product (i.e., if the child still uses a bottle or "sippy" cup). We suggest starting when you think the baby is old enough to keep the nipple in their mouth on their own. They may be able to use the Pacifeeder as early as 2 months!

Q: Can I put cereal in the Pacifeeder?
No. Only well mixed pure liquids with no pulp, lumps, etc. can be used.

Q: Can I get different flow nipples?
No, there is no need. The SmartFlow System adjusts the flow of liquid (slow, medium, heavy) based on how hard the baby sucks.

Q: How do I clean the Pacifeeder?
The built-in cleaning system fits any standard faucet to quickly flush out the tubing and Smart Flow System. The Pacifeeder can be hand washed or boiled, and is also dishwasher safe.

Q: Do I need to buy more than one bottle?
Only if you want to, or have more than one baby!

Q: How do I clean the flexi-tubing?
No liquid flows inside the flexi-tubing, just in the inner liquid tubing. You can wash it in warm soapy water, when necessary.

Q: What is the nipple made of?
Our nipple is made of a FDA approved, food grade PVC-free material. It is the same material used on the most popular pacifiers. It is very durable and will outlast any nipple on the market.

Q: How much liquid does Pacifeeder hold?
8 oz. or 250 ml.

Q: Does Pacifeeder work with any baby bottle?
Pacifeeder works with any "standard size" opening baby bottle (i.e., 1 7/16" diameter mouth), but the strap works best on hourglass or donut shaped bottles. It will not work with the wide mouth bottles.

Q: Can I get different style nipples?
Pacifeeder has been tested on many different babies & they easily adjusted to our traditional shape nipple. Our SmartFlow system adjusts liquid flow based on baby's needs.

Click here for comparison chart or watch video below. 

Pacifeeder Hands Free Baby Bottle Replacement Tubes & Nipples
Extra tubes and nipples can be ordered. Click here.
Delivery time: Allow 4-7 business days for delivery via USPS Priority Mail.
Shipping cost: Shipping is calculated during checkout. We ship within the contiguous 48 states. For International orders, please email us. 

We do not ship the Pacifeeder to Canada.

Pacifeeder vs Podee

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